The Healing Lounge is a team of experienced holistic health practitioners that are skilled in a variety of holistic healing methods from around the world, including shiatsu, registered massage therapy and Jikiden Reiki. The Healing Lounge is based in Vancouver but is happy to provide its mobile services anywhere in North America!

Sanae Okada and her team have been helping others through the healing arts of Jikiden Reiki, shiatsu and massage since 2000.

Throughout the years, Sanae has educated herself in holistic therapies and continues to develop herself to fulfill her life pursuit in the healing arts. A native of Vancouver, Sanae first developed her skills and knowledge at the Canadian Acupressure Institute in Victoria. Her talent was soon reconized internationally as she worked in world-class resorts & spas in London, Grand Cayman and Whistler.


Upon returning home in 2005, Sanae emerged as a rising talent in a small community of Jikiden Reiki and shiatsu practitioners in Vancouver. Here, she began introducing and providing holistic therapies with her mobile business, The Healing Lounge, to corporate clients, as well as those in the film, music, and video game industries.


Additionally, The Healing Lounge has also helped raise funds for charities, including Battered Woman’s Support Services and The David Suzuki Foundation, by donating their services.


Some notable clients of The Healing Lounge have included Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Virgin Music Festivals, Katy Perry, Channing Tatum, Eva Mendez, Clive Owens, K’naan and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.


Sanae is also a certified Shihankaku Jikiden Reiki teacher who regularly provides seminars for individuals who want to learn the ancient healing art of Jikiden Reiki.

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